Wall of Fame

Some of the best testimonials come from the faces we all recognize…

Due to my reputation as: “Doctor of the Stars” (one I find flattering and certainly try to live up to), patients often recognize me or engage in services with me after seeing me on the major TV networks, magazines and newspapers or after hearing of me through the radio.

I have been deeply honored over the years to be the doctor for celebrity clients, a role which has led me to attend high-profile events such as the Academy Awards, the Grammy’s, the Miss USA pageant, the Miss Universe pageant, the Super Bowl and a variety of other award shows.

Though some of my work is actually done at these Red Carpet events, I recognize that not everyone is used to this sort of high-end treatment. But they should be.

One of the most important philosophies I have implemented at Gauthier Healthcare is that every patient we serve receives specialized treatment — the best, individually-focused health care experience available.

To learn more about services I provide off-site at the client’s home, office or event, you may follow the link to read more about my Concierge Services.

I’ve assembled some highlights in the form of the photo gallery below — memories of some fun and exciting times for myself and my office. I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as we do:



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